creative works

Conceptual packaging

Under reconstructionmy own eage2l


aek creates illustrations for editorial contexts, books and websites, as well as textile design. My work is craft – oriented, illustrations are often incorporated into new design.


aek is creating artwork ranging from sharp vector graphic to simulated painting methods. The work may seem like abstract, but they’re actually and expression of thoughts and dreams with a clear narative.

Art projects

I love personal work, so if I can I do it, regardless of the likehood of sales. These are my dream projects.  It is about keeping going. Art projects give me the chance to step back and try something new: use them to challenge myself and my practice. I do not want to become a machine that produces the same work, visual styles and ideas.

"Netherlands based AEK_studio is a freelance illustrator and creative designer. Inspired by urban life her growing portfolio ranges from graphic to animation. AEKs work and style spans handmade and digital elements."